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      Discharge Moving Head LED Moving Head Matrix LED Battery Wireless LED LED Par Can Wash LED Bar
      • 150Plus

        Super Spot LED 150W  
        Input voltage: AC100-240V 50-60HZ
        Light source: 150W high output white light LED
        Service life: 50,000 hours service life, low power consumption
        Beam angle: 15° beam angle, focusing function
        Lumens: LUX8720 @ 5M under white light
        Color: 7 colors + white, color fine-tuning, direction and speed variable
        Fixed Gobos: 9 fixed patterns + white light, rotation and jitter
        Rotating Gobos: 6 rotating patterns + white light, rotating and shaking
        Prism: 3-sided prism, variable speed bidirectional rotation
        Strobe: high-speed strobe effect, 1-25 flashes per second
        Channel: 14/16 DMX channel
        Control mode: DMX 512, master-slave control and sound system and automatic operation
        Temperature protection function, when the internal temperature reaches 40℃, the fan starts to work, when the internal temperature reaches 70℃ and the brightness is reduced by half.
        High efficiency and low noise fan cooling system
        Lighting Size: 25x21x42cm
        N. W:9 KG
        The LED 150W is made of a new type of high temperature resistant engineering plastic and cast aluminum shell customized by an exclusive private mold, with a beautiful appearance and light weight. High brightness output, long life, low power consumption, imported high-efficiency and low-noise fan cooling system, real-time temperature monitoring of the lamp beads, pure and full color, can be fine-tuned to the color wheel to achieve a two-color effect, clear focus, no ghosting, Blue edge.

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      • 150Plus