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      Discharge Moving Head LED Moving Head Matrix LED Battery Wireless LED LED Par Can Wash LED Bar
      • PL4003

        product name: LED Pixel Tube
        Luminous flux: frosted lens = 828 NIT, transparent lens = 1174 NIT
        Individual pixel control
        Viewing angle: 180°
        Pixel pitch: 25 mm
        Color synthesis: RGB/Full Color mixing (>16 million colors)
        Flicker-free constant-current 600hz LED driver
        LEDs average life span: >50,000 hours
        Control protocols: Art-Net, Kling-Net, DMX
        Sturdy aluminum profile
        Sliding bracket for vertical hardware for connection of more units
        Frosted and transparent filter are included
        Linkable in master/slave up to 4 meters
        IN/OUT power and signal through connections RJ45 (Max 16 units per Pixel driver)

        Learn Parameters

      • PL4003