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      Discharge Moving Head LED Moving Head Matrix LED Battery Wireless LED LED Par Can Wash LED Bar
      • TRI1630

        Triangle Retro LED 1630
        Input voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
        Light source: main light: 16 PCS 30W golden light
        Auxiliary light: 576 0.3W RGB three-in-one LED lamp beads
        Main light color temperature: 1800K (other color temperatures are optional)
        Channel: 6/12/21/64/76 CH
        Control mode: DMX512, master-slave, self-propelled, voice control
        Lamp size: 79.5x15x69cm
        Net weight: 8.3KG
        This product is a retro triangle LED special effect background light. The main light uses 16 30W 1800K golden yellow LED lamp beads, and the auxiliary light uses 576 0.3W RGB three-in-one LED lamp beads. Each main light is surrounded by 36 pieces. The lamp beads are divided into 16 modules and can be individually controlled, the effect is outstanding and vivid.
        This luminaire can seamlessly splice multiple luminaires or hang them for use, which can bring dazzling and multi-style effects to the stage.
        This product has a good LED refresh rate, no flicker, and can be suitable for various occasions.
        The lamp can be set with the signal hold function, when the signal is disconnected from the console, the current effect can be maintained
        The appearance design is avant-garde, strong sense of balance, good stability effect, generous and decent, and the overall internal structure is reasonable, simple and harmonious.

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      • TRI1630